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When I was pretty young, still writing and designing my cover pages with crayons, I wrote one funny book. Well, it became funny as I have grown up...😃 The title is "the woman who turned into a fish". As much as I can remember, that book was all about a woman who married an occultic man, unknown to her, and this man used her for rituals. I also wrote "wasted years in the university", "you will reap whatever you sow", "destroyed destiny"(a drama).

Most of the stuff I wrote as a child were all centred on women. They were due to a drive I had to fix the female gender, to make them more careful and better. I just felt there was something about the gender that wasn't okay. In the course of time and with growth, this became something more. 

I have grown up with lots of experiences. My father is a pastor and this gave me an opportunity to see and hear different kinds of marital problems. Many of which made me angry and determined never to let myself be tortured by any man in the name of marriage or any sort of relationship. But I have grown knowing that I do not want to fight for just myself, but for many other women who cannot speak for themselves, mostly because of fear of the unknown. I have also grown understanding that the things about women I couldn't feel right were myths and stereotypes I was just very uncomfortable and annoyed at.

There are many women who themselves do not even understand the art of being a woman, or let me say, their self value. I have had quarrels with ladies of my age grades, just because they do not understand the concept of my feminist story. Today, I see them talking the same talk and looking for validations that they are on point. Then other day, one of them said to me;

"You know, I am just recently getting to understand your stand on women empowerment/feminism and is really cool. Didn't even understand that is what you have been advocating all these while"

The kind of women empowerment I propagate and want to make happen is the kind that empower women emotionally. One which help them to handle relationship situations better, and if they have to walk away, one which validates, strengthens and supports them emotionally more importantly, and otherwise, so as to avoid stories that it is stigmatising on a woman who couldn't keep a man, or say be 'woman enough'.  

I am tired of seeing society and men devalue women. Apart from mistreating them, because of course there are women who mistreat men too. Every human being is human and vulnerable; man or woman, so all these emotional myths that are created about and against women, making them to compromise their real selves just to suit into the defintion of a woman by a man is something to be crafted off the surface of this earth, so that women can live as comfortably as men.

Well, let me make this clear; I don't hate men. I am a happy and romantic feminist, but I have a head that thinks clear, and while many women may be hopelessly in a romantic state of confusion, I will be here teaching them the art of being a woman. Not that I know too much, but the much I know is a beautiful much. This is one of the very best things I like to do.

And oh, you like to know where I grew up? Right inside Aba; a city in Abia State, Nigeria. I am presently residing in India. I am an EDUCATIONALIST who hate our present system of education. 

What I like? Do I even know? Okay! I like bowling. It can change my dull mood. I like writing, writing writing!
I am a naturalist too, and I love worship!

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