About Feminineness

FEMININENESS is a family for every woman. There is no strict definition to it. Is just a place for women to find solace; to validate their thoughts, to read and relate with experiences, to find solutions and be confident about their decisions.

Well, it is not a family men are bound from. Not at all. The make gender have a place here, because ancient men behaviours are analysed here, to help men loosen themselves from those myths they have about their relationship with a woman, and become men who know the value of a woman, men who can clap for their wives and still feel good about themselves, because any man who does not allow his woman to shine is a coward. Many men behave the way they do because of ignorance. Not to worry dear lady, send your husband a link to any article you think needs to read from FEMININENESS, and when you have succeeded to bring him here, he will get schooled, and be delivered from every shackles of ancient men behaviours....😎

In FEMININENESS, women bare their hearts in the "heart to heart" discussion room. We laugh it off there. We open topics and everyone share their opinions, but once that topic is closed, it cannot be deliberate on any longer.

There is also a room for one on one chat with women and men who have a situation they are finding difficult to handle. I guarantee you full privacy.

About experiences, there are many realistic experiences here, and you can share yours too. I will so appreciate it.

FEMININENESS is simply learning the art of being a woman; a self defined woman, not a woman defined by ancient myths, traits and stereotypes of society. Is about being a woman who cannot be emotionally or religiously blackmailed into living in false pretentious happiness.




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If you will, let us go to the ladies' "heart to heart" discussion room. Other women are waiting for you.

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