You Need Confidence To Move On

By LADY B on 6 December 2017

Let us create a scene. You are the only female in your classroom, and probably many of the guys pamper you and spoil you with gifts. At the same time, they say stuff that make you feel bad, but being the only female amongst them, you choose be quiet. You choose to be quiet because you assume you cannot win them. You choose to remain a mediocre because you think to yourself that out of all the many guys in your class, you cannot come and be dragging first position with someone. 

Many times, women ignore the myths that are being created about them and their personal lives simply because they do not have confidence. One of the reasons why many women have remained in bad relationships is because they lack confidence.

One day, I was in a gathering of mixed genders, and a man was the speaker. We were all in the same age grades. So while he waa speaking, he made a certain statement I cannot remember, but it was one of those myths about women. Then he asked; "am I right?" The ladies in the room pulled that kind of smile you give to someone you don't have the guts to question. I looked around the room and their faces were all messed up. I could only hear "hmm hmm hmm" murmurings, and I just shouted "No!"

I was their saviour, yet some starred at me like a deviant. Look, you need confidence, and you can gain tnis confidence by understanding what youbare and your stand in the society, your family, your marriage, your school, your personal life. Nobody should actually be playing around with what you think about yourself. It is only confidence that will give you enough strength and boldness not to settle for less, whether because of emotional blackmail or religious blackmail.

FEMININENESS is all about analysing the myths and stereotypes surrounding the feminine gender,and then teaching women the art of being a woman. 

With everything you go through as a woman, you need confidence to survive

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