Keeping Your Job While Married

By LADY B on 6 December 2017
Keeping yoir job as a woman while married is something that has to be discussed form the onset before getting into the huge commitment of marriage.

Many men believe themselves to be the "head" of a family, and as such, they get to determine what everyone does and the role they play; whether the kind of clothes their wives should wear, whether or not they should work and where they should work. This has often frustrated the women.

A woman who is almost 50, got married, got married as a nurse, passionate about her job, began to give birth, and her work became an issue. Her husband asked her to stop work in order to take care of the children.

Meanwhile, there she had sisters who were helping out and her husband's sisters who were home almost all day. Yet, she was asked to stop. There are many many women in this category, and often than not, we regret it. Sometimes these women wish they were labelled stubborn rather than quit their job at the order of a man who wouldn't even give them money enough for soup. Well, as time went on, she gradually became very very bitter.

Loneliness creeped in, anger creeped in. Every morning, all neighbours wake up and dress to work while you hang around. That is a slow killer.

Good enough the ma  later realised that what he did was stake insensible, that his wife's work was not a problem but a blessing, and what they lacked was family planning.

Today, many men feel entitled to making this same disastrous and annoying decisions. Fortunately, many women are refusing to accept it. It is important to discuss work form the beginning of marriage. I do not think that it is the specific duty of any gender to quit their jobs for any reason whatsoever. It should be a thing of mutual consent or say, availability.

By availability, I mean that if may be the man or woman is at more risk of losing their jobs and or is having a higher tendency of fetching more money, it is only sane for the other to do the needful, supposing there come a pressing need, which of course should be mutually and not be force or order, plus the one should take it a point of duty to respect and attend to the other's need.

So if I were asked a question, whether a woman should obey her husband's order to quit her job, my answer will be NO.

Unfortunately, men know how to say no than women, and no is something we should learn to say. However, make sure that you as a woman, is doing your own family part well enough. Let it not be that you do nothing at all for the well being of your family. You don't give your children time, and all that. Do your part, your husband does his part. All meets at the centre and a happy family is achieved.

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