Does Sex Make A Man Love You?

By LADY B on 6 December 2017
You know what?

That is a big lie!

Sex is a beautiful thing, but it is just a hormone driven activity. Everyone of us have these hormones, and we can get anyone attracted to us, as long as those people are sexually appealing to our taste.

I was in a 'relationship' at the age of 18 with a young man. I come from a Christian home and I was not one to go out carelessly, and at that time visit a man. Unfortunately, seemed like I was the one more involved and when I asked him why, he said he was not getting enough of me. But I was not comfortable with giving enough of me because suspicion of having other girls he was hanging out with was written all over him.

A man cannot love you after sex. He loves you before that. Sexual affair does not validate love, and infact having it too early before you become comfortable in a relationship can damage your self esteem and trust.

If you ever find a creature of any kind telling you that they feel all good with you and about you, and the only thing that can seal that good feeling is sex, just run away, except you are interested in fooling yourself into what you would regret. Better of, run to the village and be with your grandmother.

Many of us women want so much to be accepted, to feel loved, that we end up being slaved. Don't do that to yourself. No man who wants to have a future with you will ring having sex in your ears all the time. We should stop behaving as if we can give it, I mean our body, to make it alright. When we give it, we make it all questionable. A few times, not for the man, but for ourselves. We begin to look too deep, to want so much to make it real, because we feel deep within us that it didn't start of right, or that we have not given enough to make a man root for us.

You see, there are lots and lots of things that solidifies a relationship, and if someone is not willing to do those with you, they definitely are not thinking of the long run or future of that relationship. Women should not put themselves on harms way; in a position where they are no longer sure what their value is, doubting themselves, their beauty and the amount of love they can get from a man.

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