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On 8 December 2017
Many women have several doubts about how they feel as regards to being a woman in our society today. To many, it becomes difficult that they have a need to be sure they are not the only ones in those shoes.

Sometimes, you may think;

Am I simply being stubborn and not listening to elders about curtailing my career dreams and visions in order to find a husband?

Am I just being intolerant not to let certain things be in my relationship?

I am getting older. However, am I supposed to be desperate for a husband? Am I the only one not getting married at my age?

Feminineness bring you closer to the people who matter ass long as these experiences are concerned. You meet people who have the same situations, are in the same situation or have gone through the same situation.

How relieving would it be to actually read someone's story just exactly the way it is with you. Relieved I guess.

Suggest a topic in the heart to heart room, have a personal chat with B or even go ahead and read stuff that you can relate with! LEARN THE ART OF BEING WOMAN.

Nothing I wish you more than coming out victorious!

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