Putting a woman under men like that won't still cure them of their chronic self esteem issues

By LADY B on 9 December 2017

Submission to a man does not help him become a better person if his view about a woman is that she is his property.

If a woman likes, let her bow down before a man and literally worship him and sing hymns to him, a man who is not loving and doesn't want to respect his wife can never be. I read a post on facebook that said "what a man need is not sex, but submission, and that why maids have ended up stealing their madam's husband is because she is submissive".

First, that is a lame excuse for a man to leave his wife for their maid or cheat.

And then, those lines are annoying. I have been reading that what a man want is respect. I have read that if you don't dress well, or you don't give it to your husband hot, he will cheat, and many men threaten to cheat when their wives are not regular with bed activities. This is how they deceive young girls and make them fall prey of sex starved men.

So the question men always ask about women should be reversed to them; "what do men really want"?

I have seen women leave their jobs in obedience to their husbands. I have seen women who call their husbands 'sir'. Yet, their husbands treat them without a single value, or say doesn't know how to appreciate them for so much submission. I have seen women who are mad on bed, yet they lost the men in their lives after all their acrobatics.

You see, I feel like women are always the victims. Do this, do that, just to satisfy a man who will still cheat and give the lame excuse that it is in their nature! How offensive? A woman will cook, wash, do many things to please a man, a man! And that man will still have the guts to ignore her emotions. Please you men, is this not very unfair in this world we are living in? So many conditions on women. So many.

I will just paste one Laa Pulga Prince's comment on my post; https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=554034451601217&id=100009840019394 down here. It answers a whole lot for me;

"I have a problem with men that wouldn't do the part they were asked to.. Love. Simple.

You bug yourself with submission that wasn't asked of you.

And if I were a woman, I'll be conscious of men that the first thing that comes from their mouth is submission.

Putting a woman under men like that won't still cure them of their chronic self esteem issues".

"....men are so crazy with that word submission that it irks me.
Men that haven't dealt with their self esteem issues, thinking a woman being under them would make it any better.

If as a man you can't command respect by other things and you need the Bible to enforce why a woman should submit to you then you have totally failed.

Women are receptive. There is a way you treat your woman and she will wholly and without reservation submit to you.

But when a man is incapable of eliciting respect from a lady, he runs to 1st Corinthians and blackmails her with the Bible.

Forgetting the Bible gave him one duty. Love. Simple.

Leave the submission aspect. That wasn't your commandment.
Do yours first and see everything fall into place".

*******It is unfair how much men ask from women and yet give them less or nothing in return. That is what aches me. A woman will work hard and hard to impress a man, her man, and the man will do less or nothing, and then say she is not submissive.

Please men, what is Submission? Can you submit to an animal? Even many of us don't submit to our bad government. Submission is from the bible. Christ loved the church in a mysterious and incomparable way, that is why the church loved him back and submitted wholly to him. That is why people fall down in church on their Christmas clothes worshiping Him. He prove himself worthy. If men want to blackmail women with the bible, the bible says they should head, love and treat their wives/family like Christ did to the church.

It is high time men start working on themselves as much as women are doing, honestly. We need husband materials too, and they should define what it is exactly they need from a woman because it is obviously not just submission, respect, or even acrobatic moves on bed. And after they have defined it, they should ask a woman; "what is it you need from me?".


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