My husband wants me to give up all my savings to prove that I love him.

By LADY B on 9 December 2017
Dear woman!

If this is the first link you clicked, then I say a warm welcome to you.

You see, we live in a world the feminine gender is still struggling out of their ancient bondage and superstitious stereotypes; in personal matters, relationships and educational. There are lots of myths that surround our existence and maybe, just maybe sometimes you do ask yourself why you go through so much as a woman, why men or even other women tell you things that you cannot reconcile your thoughts with, and you keep wondering if your own thoughts and beliefs are wrong.

Well, I did not only have those thoughts in the past, I also one day was daydreaming what my life could have been like as a man, and after all, I preferred to appreciate the feminine in me.

You see, men and women are very different people in many different ways. For this reason, it becomes really very difficult for them to get along without pointing fingers. As women, I dare say we have lots of fingers pointed at us. Your man says something and you are confused how on earth he is thinking that way. While it is a matter of ignorance for some men to torture a woman with ugly and unreasonable myths, it is pride for others. But how much you know about herself is very important. Knowing that you should not give yourself to the definition of another person is very important. This way, you can overcome these myths.

What are your thoughts? The thoughts of a teenage woman can fill a book. If you have grown past teenage and probably married, your own thoughts may make longer pages. Well, it all depends. Maybe there are women who have less to think about, probably because they have less trouble too.

If you have more trouble, sorry to let you know it is okay to have troubles. Before we continue on this journey together, I need you to clear all the doubts and thoughts telling you that your troubles are way too much for a normal human being. No. No trouble is way too much. What you think should be the right thing in your relationship is probably true of a sane relationship. How you think of life is probably true. What men have told you should be of a woman may all be wrong, simply because they are not women and cannot feel like one right from the inside. 

I, validate your thoughts! They are okay thoughts. You may be wrong and irrational on certain concepts though, but better to confirm. Better be sure, so that you won't be living your life storing water in a basket.

So, let's go!

Relax. Look around in feminineness for a suitable sofa, sit down like a boss and learn the art of being a woman, anywhere anytime, and with anyone too. You don't have to be anything or anyone to be a boss of your self. It all begins now.

If you have a situation and want to have a chat about it, let's do that. Otherwise, join our ladies "heart to heart" discussion room and laugh it off.

If you did rather prefer to read women's experiences which I recommend you should do, you can begin right here.

Welcome to FEMININENESS. You are not alone.

So tell me, do you have a particular reason why you came here? If yes, we can have a chat to discuss your issue. If you did rather prefer, you should join the ladies in this heart to heart discussion room and bare your heart, laugh it off too

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