I feel I cannot stay single, so I find it difficult to leave this terrible relationship

By LADY B on 6 December 2017
One of the biggest challenges a woman has is the decision to be with a man or not. Take it or not, we have our ego. We feel hurt. We feel humiliated and even more, but we just do not know how to break out!

We stay there dying every day with the thoughts of getting away from our "boy-enemies". I often see Judge LYNN ask women on divorce court; "so why are you still with him?"

Their answer; a blanck confuse face.

We tend to give relationships a lot of chances even when we know in our heart it is not worth it. It simply is lack of self confidence and a decisive spirit. A woman who have these and even has no education is through to the finals. Unfortunately, education is what helps boost those. Yet, we have many women who keep on washing clothes for a man who before their nose is cheating on them, just because they are afraid of being single.

I hope you know you do not in any way need to be afraid of being single. You are because you do not know the meaning of singleness. What is singleness? IT IS BEING COMFORTABLE AND SAFE.

Look, if a woman is not able to be comfortable single, nothing can bring you that comfort. We all need to be secured where we had been and we need to do that because we value ourselves.

The reason another person will treat you so badly and condescend you is because you do not value yourself.

A woman is a beautiful creature and she needs to keep herself beautiful. Make up your small room. Make your bed attractive for yourself. Of course have lots of friends, but not necessarily someone who is your personal man. You still will be respected and loved by those who want to. You should find some pleasure going back home to fry yourself scrabbed eggs and eat them with soft pieces of yam.

Ladies, let us give it a thought what we call singleness. It is not loneliness. It is actually idleness that is loneliness. Whether single or married, when you are an idle person, no purpose neither focus, loneliness will mesmerize you. So, do not give yourself out to someone to rather mesmerize you, simply because you cannot become successful. Rather, look for successful people, hook up with them for coaching and classes and friendship, and become successful too!

What about walking out of that relationship that you think is terrible? Fears such as those I have listed above are just games the mind play. The truth is; when and if you eventually walk away, you would be glad you did. Sometimes, people walk away and get back together when they have realised their value and or the other's value.

As days go by, more people make it difficult for single people to just be at peace with themselves, but it romances me to also know and see many women come out out their shell to express their happiness and satisfaction at single stages of their lives, while waiting to choose their  Mr. right.

You and I should become one of those women.

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