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By LADY B on 7 December 2017

I guess you know how desperate women are to find solutions to their problems these days. They laugh and thank God for life on social media, but they are dying right inside, in a dilemma, hiding their faces, hurt and concerns. 

There are girls who right now are pushing on a man to get them married because their relationship is becoming shameful, maybe for how long it has lasted or that she is terrified with the thought that he may not end up with her. So you see the feminine genders always falling victims and asking; 'what do I do?'. That is often the question.

Finding solutions to our problems and doubts come in really fulfilling more than even actually getting the problem solved sometimes. Knowing that finally, there is something I can do about this or something someone can help me do about this, is a relaxation pill on its own.

You don't need to keep hiding. You have to stop being afraid of the outcome of things and actually face them like an adult and a woman who is concerned about her future. You cannot afford to tamper with your self esteem, your integrity, your happiness, your future, because of what anyone would say. You got to sit up and find a way forward, a way positive and a way reviving!

Share what bothers you. Share what you need urgent help with. Experts on womanhood are handy and passionate about helping on Feminineness.

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