Feminism Is A Moral Duty

By LADY B on 10 December 2017

I did like to begin by describing individual differences. Kabiri and Uncle ISREAL have taught me this with experience.

Kabiri was my classmate in high/secondary school; a boarding school. One day, we were observing our normal activity called “labour day”. On that day, we cut grasses around the school and hostel environment

That day while cutting grasses and chattering here and there. Someone screamed! It was a big snake; something I hate to remember or talk about because of my hatred for snakes. Many of us ran away. Some people tried to kill it, but fear kept pushing them at a distance. Then there was Kabiri; she took a knife and followed it up. We were screaming; “Kabiri be careful! Kabiri stop!”. But she didn’t until she was done. It was a big news. She lifted the snake on a cutlass and began running towards the matrons house to announce the news. We chanted songs of victory while marching there and every student who saw us screamed in fear and gave way.

My uncle Isreal; the last child and son of my grandmother. Uncle ISREAL was having his bath in the village when all the extended family had gathered for Christmas one December, suddenly he ran out half bathed. When he was asked, he said he saw a millipede. Uncle ISREAL. Uncle ISREAL does not pass the same route with a cockroach. A certain day, his elder brother and also my uncle, Paul, teased him with some crawling animal and they had a quarrel for that reason. He kept warning uncle Paul to stop that kind of joke as it was not entertaining to him. Everyone laughed and we’re mocking him for at his age, preparing for marriage, even ant was not something he did like to see.

You see, the concept of Feminism has been bashed by many men and women as a result of grave ignorance. Kabiri and Uncle Isreal are individuals who have their areas of weaknesses and strength. Time has gone so far by when strength is measured by might and power physically. Our society have grown from just physical to cyber. Many things happen in the brain and these brains are neither male or female. They are things that come from the intellectual of great people, great human beings.

A man was once scolding me and told me; “…you fear! You fear cockroaches! When you see a dog, you run behind a man, but you speak to the same man anyhow! You want to same man equal to you! You cannot respect the same man who kill the cockroaches you run away from!!!!...”

Well, let me say this, when I see a dog, I hide behind a man or a woman, whoever is close by me.

You see, as someone who have learnt individual differences and is still learning it, I am also becoming more tolerant as to what people think about Feminism. It is unfortunate that men, especially think that women should not be given equal opportunities because of things like this.

Kabiri was one of the few small sized girls in my class, but she was brave enough to kill such a large snake which made me continuously take a check under my desk before I sat. She did it with so much ease and most probably excitement. Uncle Isreal as you know, was about to get married, yet he stays 10 feet away while killing a cockroach, that is if and when no one is around to help him kill it.

Many things are moral and Feminism is one of them. It is only a sane thing to be a feminist or to believe in feminism. It is unfair to think, insinuate or propagate that a woman should not speak up her mind to a man just because he can physically do what she cannot do. So what about women who can do the same? You see that this is a matter of mutual respect and mutual respect alone as a word is something many men hate to hear because their ego cannot contain it.

Defining Feminism, whether or not it has boundaries and what those boundaries are, has been a means to an end of it for so many people. once people hear that word, their minds cut off from a smooth fun relationship with you, either momentarily or long term. Men oppose think that women are their own harm, that the world is more cruel to men than women and that Feminism is a waste of time, but I say that “FEMINISM IS A MORAL DUTY”.

Like Author Chimamanda Adichie mentioned; we teach girls to shrink themselves, to live in a way that would suit a man rather than themselves, otherwise they would be unacceptable in the society.

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